ESP…Telepathy…Field of Energy

All physical matter, in truth, is a field of energy, including our physical bodies, minerals, vegetables and everything in nature. The same goes for conditions and situations in our lives being considered as fields of energy. Much of this energy cannot be seen, except by psychics, which is why we regard unseen energy as psychic energy.

Energies of the mind can reach out beyond the body and make telepathic contact with people, as well as objects. This has been proven through tests in ESP and telepathy. The energies of the mind are on different wavelengths or frequencies. Each of these frequencies of mental energy corresponds to a particular emotion and nature of thoughts at any given time.

This is why it’s vitally important to watch our negative or destructive thoughts, which can be broadcast telepathically. It’s best to try to keep our thoughts positive so as to broadcast positive frequencies of our mental energies.

Like attracts like. What we are thinking on a mental level can attract those energies in physical form. So when we think about love, money, or success, the mind will attract it telepathically, as long as a positive mental attitude is maintained about the result being sought.

We must try and maintain a positive mental attitude daily regarding all aspects of life. Not only do we need to have a positive attitude consciously, but we must practice it in our subconscious mind. The magnetic quality of our minds operates on all levels. The subconscious mind acts as a memory bank for everything that is passing through our conscious level of our mind.

A way to promote a positive attitude on the subconscious level of the mind we need to guard our conscious thinking; refuse to accept anything negative about ourselves or our lives; and try to program our subconscious mind with positive thoughts.

Below are a few guides for possessing positive thoughts and creating a positive field of energy:

  • Try to maintain a positive attitude during your daily activities;
  • Do not accept a negative situation as a reality in your mind. React by talking positive and how you can improve the situation;
  • Nullify negative thoughts ¬†immediately as they enter your mind, don’t allow them to return to your subconscious mind as realities;
  • Regard your every thought as telepathic energy that can draw or repel good and happiness;
  • Don’t talk negatively in casual conversations. Those around you will view you as a loser, and in doing so will propel the negative energy in larger numbers;
  • Choose friends who have a positive outlook on life. Avoid those who only see the negative in every situation;
  • Take time each day to program your mind with positive thoughts through meditation. Program the goals you wish to achieve.

Live, act, think, and feel like a person who already has what you desire…and so it is!!



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