Let Go of the Ego…Getting to a Yes the Creative Way

I had a great meditation this morning with Oprah and Deepak Chopra. Here is what I discovered about the ego and being able to resolve a problem that benefits both sides of a problem.

I’m sure there have been times when you have been in a disagreement that has been difficult to resolve. When you approach a disagreement with the ego, someone is “right”, but then someone is “wrong”. You’ll more than likely get “stuck” in this situation. How often is it worth proving that you’re right?

As Eckhart Tole says, “The ego loves to make wrong in order to be right”. The ego craves superiority. Unfortunately, the ego takes everything personally, people get frustrated and angry, and the end result is someone getting hurt or disappointed. Are you defending the truth? The truth needs no defending. Let go of the ego.

We all need the same things, hope, love, acceptance, and the ability to express ourselves. We all want validation. When you listen with your heart, you’ll be on the right path to the spirit of agreement.

You can look at a disappointment two ways: it can be an obstacle at getting what you want, or you can see it as a way to please someone. Make it a positive process. Take a creative attitude toward disagreements and open the positive side for everyone. You don’t want to manipulate the other person to coming around to your side. This is a selfish “yes”. One side wins, the other loses.

To get a “genuine” yes to a problem, both sides will feel like equals. Both sides need to feel respected. We all need to feel safe and secure. We have a need to feel that we’re gaining good things that we want in material terms, rising above mere subsistence. The need to be accepted. The need to express ourselves. The need to be loved and valued with intimate regard.

People give their best if they feel safe with you. If they believe you are taking a personal interest. It’s more beautiful to be the one to give others what they need.

So, open your heart, listen deeply, care compassionately, and if you’re presented with a disagreement with someone, just sit back, open your heart and listen, and then let go of your ego and try to come to a “yes” equally. You’ll be glad that you did…and so it is!


Lose 20 Pounds…

Now that I have your attention…that was my “grab me” title. My intention isn’t to speak about losing weight, but what I’m about to share will make you healthy from the inside out and eventually will help shed unwanted pounds. Only if you’re willing to commit.

In an earlier post I mentioned my journey to getting healthy. To do that, I had to detox my body of fungus that had built up over the years. It has been a major learning curve and I had no idea the effects of what we put in our mouths could be detrimental to our health.

So, enter the “Fungi Diet Phase I”. I’m going to share what I did for the first three months of this diet. Now, this is a very strict diet, but I can promise you, you’ll be glad you did it in the end.

Here are the YES and NO foods:

Sweetners – YES Foods – SlimSweet, Stevia; NO Foods – All sugars
Fruits – YES Foods – Granny Smith Apples, Berries (All types), Avocados, Grapefruit, Lemons, Limes, Fresh Coconut; NO Foods – All others, including druid juices
Meats – YES Foods – All meats (organic is best), including fish (wild caught), poultry, and beef; NO Foods – Breaded meats, cold cuts.
Eggs – YES Foods – All types (free range, organic); NO Foods – NO egg substitutes
Dairy – YES Foods – Ghee butter (grass fed cows), Yogurt (organic) Use sparingly – cream cheese, unsweetened whipping cream, real sour cream; NO Foods – Margarine, butter substitutes. DO NOT drink milk.
Vegetables – YES Foods – MOST FRESH UNBLEMISHED vegetables, freshly made vegetable juice, dried or fresh beans, sweet potatoes, white/red potatoes only if you peel and soak for 12 hours prior to cooking; NO Foods – frozen vegetables (unless organic), mushrooms, fermented vegetables (allowed later on), NO corn or peas.
Beverages – YES Foods – bottled/filter water, herb teas (not fruity), FRESH lemonade or limeade – sweeten with slim sweet; NO Foods – coffee and tea (including decaf), and regular/diet sodas, no alcohol.
Grains – NO Foods – NO GRAINS ALLOWED OF ANY KIND; YES Foods – buckwheat, millet, quinoa, coconut flour, almond flour, coconut water & milk, socca recipe.
Yeast Products – NO YEAST OF ANY KIND
Vinegars – YES Foods – unpasteurized apple cider vinegar and black olives not aged in vinegar; NO Foods – pickles, salad dressings, green olives, soy sauce.
Oils – YES Foods – olive, grape seed, flax seed – use organic cold pressed; NO Foods – partially hydrogenated (trans) lis, corn, canola, and peanut oil.
Nuts – YES Foods – (soak all nuts) raw nuts, including pecans, almonds, walnuts, cashews, pumpkin seeds; NO Foods – peanuts – ALL peanut products and pistachios are not allowed.

Now, I know this looks like it’s impossible, but I promise you, it can be done. If I can do it, anyone can! I’ll share some of my recipes that helped save me from going insane on this diet in future posts!

The reason I share this is…it works. It truly works, and I’m a happier person because of it. I’m making headway and I know my body is healing every day. My wellness visits are proof of the transformation that has taken place.

The results of this diet, well I was able to shed unwanted weight and fungus and water weight. That clearly wasn’t the plan, but it happened. Who’s going to complain about losing weight in a healthy way?

Keep the faith and commitment, you’ll be glad you did. Here’s to great health…and so it is.

Be Wary of Your Thoughts & Words

In my studies of metaphysics, as well as practicing meditation, the one thing that remained constant was…watch what you think or say. You remember the old phrase, watch what you say or it will come back to bite you in the butt? I think we’ve all experienced it. Those words couldn’t be more true.

Did you ever wonder why you feel stuck? Or, why does this keep happening to me? All of these scenarios come down to one thing, keep your thoughts and words positive. When you speak anything negative, whether it be about yourself or someone else, you’re putting those negative words out into the universe…and they’ll come back to haunt you. It all ties in with the law of attraction. Speaking and even thinking negative will eventually come back to you, and it’s just not worth it.

So, how do you change this? It’s not easy. It doesn’t happen over night, but it can change. It’s a matter of being present, being in the moment. When we are in a situation that becomes negative, or toxic, or even scary, the mind always goes to a dark place.

We can change that situation just by saying one simple word the second a negative or frightening thought comes into our head…and that words is “cancel”. The moment your mind goes to a dark place, immediately follow it with cancel, cancel, cancel. Then purposely force your mind to say the complete opposite. I’ll give you an example.

Last week I was called back for a second mammogram. They noticed some changes in calcifications. Okay, I had an abrupt moment of fear and “why”, but had to quickly tell myself, everything is fine. I had the appointment yesterday, and after the second image was taken I had to sit and wait…not a fun scenario.

Then I was told I had to do an ultrasound. Okay, there it went…my mind immediately popped to the “C” word. I was instantly texting close family and friends in a moment of panic, which is natural. It took me a little longer this time to change my thoughts. But, once I did, and after talking with family, I told myself…I’m okay, this will be fine…all is well.

I’m not about to even think or speak anything negative over my body. I can’t do anything about it in the moment anyway. So I am carefully choosing my words and thoughts to be free of negativity. My results will be free and clear and I WILL be fine.

When you find yourself repeating things that are negative, frustrating, such as, why can’t I find the right partner?  Why can’t I get along with my boss? Why can’t I lose this weight? You need to take a closer look at yourself and literally stop saying the negative and bringing attention to it, and start stating the positive. I will find a new job. I will lose this weight. I will find someone to love me.

It may take awhile to convince yourself, but it does work, and you’ll see the shift take place in your life. I believe mediation helps us clear our minds and centers us. We are all made up of energy, so be sure to speak those positive words and think positive thoughts and send that out to the universe. Once you do, you’ll be amazed how you’ll have less drama in your life.

So here’s to thinking and speaking peace, serenity, positive love and light…and so it is!

Food as Medicine

Hello everyone,

It’s been a while since I’ve posted. I meant to post in June, but that month has blown by with traveling, vacation, and then the sad loss of my mother-in-law.

I’ve gone through a lot of changes since January, and part of that was getting my body and digestion back on track. I have learned that the old phrase “You are what you eat”, is truer than you can imagine.

I have learned that you are what you eat, and since I began my detox and then slowly brought foods back into my diet, I can proudly say that my body is now healing and repairing itself. I discovered that my issue was more with my thyroid than anything else going on in my body.

I have permanently cut out caffeine, alcohol, fried and processed foods, white flours of any type, and processed wheat bread. I used to read labels, but now I REALLY read labels. I absolutely eat NO soy, it’s poison for me, and for a lot of women. I don’t drink milk, I’ve substituted with rice milk. I eat as much organic as I can and grass fed cows, chickens, etc. I eat tons of veggies, but no corn, and a fruit portion.

It’s really not a hard process, it’s mind over matter, and when your body finally tells you that it feels good, then it’s more than worth it. You can actually eat the right foods and it becomes a medicine for your body. I had no idea how amazing our bodies were.

I also take supplements that have been prescribed to me by my wellness doctor, and the BIGGEST accomplishment for me…I am now Premarin free. That’s right, I’ve quit taking the synthetic drug and am clearing my body. I will soon be sending my saliva to a lab in CA to determine what exactly my body needs. It’s a long process, but I’m in it for the long haul.

What does any of this have to do with metaphysics? I’ll tell you, since I’ve cleansed my body, it has cleared my mind and opened my heart to peace and serenity. It has helped me let go of fear and keep the faith in the decisions I make. Did I mention I was Premarin free 😉 It also helped me take the leap of faith and quit my mundane job to discover what my life’s purpose is…I’m still figuring it out 🙂

I feel I’m on a quest to learn about “me”. I’d like to help others. The biggest realization that I’ve had is “never” give up. It truly is about the journey. It’s a commitment, but in reality, it’s just the new norm for me. I don’t even think about what I put in my mouth anymore. It just is…healthy.

If you’re interested in what I actually did, leave a comment below. I’d be glad to share my experience. Keep the faith…and so it is…