Achieve Success by Eliminating Your Weakness

Success is natural in the course of our lives. It is within our nature to share and engage in the success of life. Most people posses the natural success factor, but because of certain weaknesses in their personality, they lose out on the realization of success. These weaknesses can sidetrack them or hold them back from achieving what they really want in life.

Our human mind has an energy from which the habit pattern of weakness is formed. This energy has a certain degree of power that can take a hold of our mind and nervous system, which causes us to think or act in self-defeating ways. It controls us into patterns of overeating, excess drinking, procrastination, or any other indulgences that keep us from attaining success.

One method to combat this behavior is to have a face-to-face confrontation with our higher self in our own minds. Our faith and belief will help us eliminate the weakness that stands in our way of success.

You have to “want to change” and “truly want to succeed”. The weakness that occupies our minds is only temporary. It will pass eventually. The God power in our own minds is greater than the temporary weakness energy in our minds.

When a weakness energy enters our minds, we need to go within ourselves to the God center of our mind and make a direct confrontation affirmation, such as:

  • If you have a weight problem due to overeating, a negative weakness controls our mind, which causes you to crave more food, but whenever you feel this negative energy state to yourself, “The God-Power within me is greater than the power causing me to overeat. I yield to my higher self which will bring peace to me.”
  • Continue saying this until you no longer sense the weakness influence over your mind.
  • When you overcome this urge, thank the God-Power of your mind for giving yourself self-control.

Always remember these points in your face-to-face confrontations:

  • Begin your confrontation affirmation with: “The God-Power within me is greater than _______.”
  • Repeat it until you feel that power taking over your mind.
  • Once you have received positive results…always give thanks!

Eliminate your weakness, achieve success, and give thanks…and so it is!!!


Believe in Yourself and Take Action

When an idea comes to you, do you act on it, or do you allow self-doubt keep you from taking action? Having faith or a belief in something within you, you possess that certain something extra, which will take you beyond that self-doubt giving you the surety to put your ideas into action.

There are two types of “selves” that exist within every person – Temporary self– which has been created by the conditioning of society and has a limited appreciation of itself or its possibilities. Real Self –  is someone who has a spark of life that causes you to have existence.

When you identify completely with your true self or higher mind, a faith in yourself will unfold, which will help you put your ideas into action. You have that extra something to make your ideas a reality.

You must know that you are never alone to act on your ideas. Daily meditation and a constant affirming of your true self will give you the confidence to take action. It will become a true reality in your own mind. It’s that inner knowing that a higher power is at work helping you to take that action.

If you take part in daily meditation, you will begin to discover ideas will come to you when your mind is clear and open, but those ideas mean nothing if you do not take action . To help yourself daily, I’ve listed some affirmations, which will hopefully stimulate your higher mind to take action, and then what will automatically follow is greater success, happiness, and the fulfillment of putting forth the ideas of your own soul.

  1. When a creative idea comes to your conscious mind, say to yourself, “My higher mind puts this into action immediately.”
  2. Doubt in yourself is the only thing holding you back from taking action.
  3. A person who takes action does so out of faith.
  4. Visualize in your minds eye that you are enjoying and living the idea as an already fulfilled act.
  5. Don’t take a defeatist attitude when there is a momentary dip in the condition of your action. There are always adjustments to be made when you begin something new.
  6. Every day you meditate, believe that your higher mind is always guiding you to the fruition of your ideas.
  7. If a negative thought comes into your mind, immediately say the words, “cancel, cancel, cancel!” This is only part of your old self creating that self-doubt.
  8. Whenever something good takes place in your life, give credit to your higher mind.
  9. Daily meditation brings on self-confidence, which is brought on by confidence in your higher mind, or God.
  10. Don’t ever feel limited or incapable of putting your ideas into reality.
  11. Remember that you are unique, every person has a special purpose. If this wasn’t so, you wouldn’t exist.
  12. In the laws of nature and the scheme of the Universe, you exist to succeed with your individual purpose!
  13. Your thoughts are inspired by the presence of your higher God-Being. That higher God-Being acts them out through your personal mind and body every day.

For this realization, give thanks…Let it be so…and so it is!

Bringing About a Positive Conscious Attitude

Your positive conscious attitude and the thoughts you think each day can give you the ability to have success and happiness as a reality in your life. The positive power that is within you can be reached in many ways, one of which is your conscious mental attitude.

Your positive thinking will have an opportunity to express through you. This is because the natural state of your inner self is positive, which brings on positive energies to improve your life. On the other hand, negative thoughts will form in the back of your subconscious, which can form a psychic wall or barrier against your true self.

Our higher self receives flashes of inspiration or direction on what to do in life, but at the same time, our ego will surface negative energy that can sometimes place fear into our mind. It’s important to meditate and clear our mind to be sure we’re receiving and listening to our positive higher self.

The quickest way to rid ourselves of negativity is to focus our minds on the truth, which is our self-truth. Believe that  you are one with the Universe. “Know the truth and the truth will set you free.” Through this belief, negativity vanishes. Believe in yourself.

Each day, meditate on the following affirmations, pick one or more and let it resonate with your heart, and then believe it is so…

  • My conscious mind is ruled by the mystical power of my Universal Mind,
  • I am positive in my conscious mind, because my God’s Mind within me is positive about everything in my life,
  • I expect good things in my life, because my mind is attuned to my my infinite source of supply,
  • The love of the Universe for me vibrates the magnetic power of love through me,
  • If during the day I do not feel well, I am positive the power of healing will quickly restore me,
  • My conscious mind is at peace as I go through this day, because I am sensitive to the eternal peace of the Universe’s presence within me.

Believe in the power of positive thoughts…and so it is!

Prosperity and What it Means to You

I feel prosperity is a state of mind, or a matter of opinion. Some may have a thousand dollars in their savings and feel like they’ve got the whole world in their hands. While others may possess a million dollars and feel as though they haven’t achieved anything.

Many only think of prosperity as financial, but the mind needs to experience a wealth in all areas of life. Being prosperous in peace, love, wisdom, and health can help the mind to accept the abundance life has to offer.

How do we “attract” prosperity in our lives? The right mental attitude is to have a belief of expectancy to be always open to new ideas and inspirations within us. Don’t accept financial defeat. A belief that the manifesting universe is our only true source of prosperity.

Prosperity is also a state of soul. Meditating is a great way to be one with the universe. It’s a oneness that can be obtained during meditation to help us go on about our business daily.

Below is a guide to help you/your mind attract prosperity:

  • Every day declare in your mind that a higher source (whatever that means to you) is your true source of supply,
  • Believe and state that you are already prosperous,
  • Don’t be influenced by others of their negative statements of how hard times are,
  • Associate with those who have a positive attitude about prosperity and money,
  • Don’t accept negative thoughts into your mind. Reject them immediately! Instead, affirm that you are prosperous and that your higher source is supplying your every need,
  • When praying, don’t ask for money. Make an affirmation that your higher source is already in the process of giving your prosperity,
  • Meditate daily! This will help you to clear your mind and keep your inspiration and intuition open, helping you to claim the prosperity that is already yours,
  • Keep your thoughts open to prosperity coming to you in any form. It may not necessarily by money, but through a gift,
  • Keep active! Don’t sit around waiting for it to magically appear. Dream, believe, and take action,
  • Program your mind with positive prosperity thoughts, build it into your subconscious
  • When going through all financial scenarios, state that you know your higher source is working through you and will take care of your situation.

Repeat positive affirmations throughout your day. You can make up your own that pertain especially to you, or use some of the following:

  1. I live confidently every day, knowing that prosperity is my higher source working through me and directing me.
  2. I am at peace every day in the calm assurance that the power of my higher source and the Universe prosper me.
  3. I affirm in the presence of my higher source that I am already prosperous, and it is beginning to materialize around me,
  4. I keep my mind open to everything so that I may receive intuitive direction from my higher source,
  5. Each day I share the wealth of my higher source’s abundance around me.

You are prosperous…and so it is!!