The Power of Meditation

Meditation brings about the ability to live naturally and to have control over your inner self and your mind. It can be simple or complex, depending on one’s knowledge of the methods involved, or your own needs at the time of your life.

The two types of meditation taught are contact and control meditation. Contact meditation is when a person tries to get in touch with their inner ability or reality. Whereas, control meditation controls the mind through thought pattern programming. Both are fine and it depends on the individual which process they prefer. There are no right or wrong ways to meditate. The key is to quiet the mind and bring yourself closer to your higher self.

Meditation can bring about a positive self-image of oneself. It will bring you closer to listening to your intuition, that inner voice or gut feeling, and begin to help you rely on it when you come to a cross-roads in your life. It can help develop our ESP and telepathic powers. We all have it, it’s just a matter of tapping into these abilities, and meditation can help.

Meditation can also bring good health to the body. By meditating daily, you discover how the body is an energy field that is affected in a healing and renewing way by contacting the primal or God-energy, which is the natural healing energy of the body. You will also begin to change negative thought patterns into positive ones.

If you faithfully practice meditation, you will soon discover how much happier you are, and how you can become more successful in your relationships, career and finances. You’ll also develop a successful inward spiritual awareness that can help you become a more evolved individual.

Some feel it’s impossible to keep the mind quiet or don’t even think they can meditate. The truth is, we all have the ability, even if it’s only for five minutes. Here is a simple meditation practice that can put you on the path to become aware of the true spiritual power within yourself:

  • Sit either on the floor or in a comfortable chair in a relaxed position;
  • Place your hands gently in your lap;
  • Close your eyes and begin to deeply breathe in and out noticing your breath entering in and out of your nostrils;
  • Place your concentration on your breath as you see in your mind’s eye your chest rising and falling;
  • Now, begin to repeat the mantra silently to yourself “So Hum”, which means, “I Am That”. That represents the Universe, which symbolizes how we are all connected to the universal energy. I am one with the Universe;
  • Continue to breathe deeply and calmly as you repeat the mantra So Hum. If your mind drifts to different thoughts, or there are disruptions in your body or in the environment, gently bring your awareness back to repeating the mantra;
  • Try this for five minutes just to begin to get a feel of how your mind can actually shut off from thoughts. Don’t get frustrated and give up. We ALL have wandering thoughts. In fact, when our mind drifts off to random thoughts that is its way of relieving stress, so that’s a good thing;
  • When the five minutes (or longer if you prefer) are up, you can release the mantra (stop repeating) and remain restful and bring awareness back into your body (wiggle your toes and fingers), but keep your eyes closed;
  • Then you can gently open your eyes and recognize how you feel. You’ll notice your heart rate is slower and you’ll feel a sense of calm and peace. Carry this feeling with you and eventually as you increase your meditation practice, you’ll discover that you will have a calmer and lighter spirit when confronted with life’s daily routines.

Discover the power of meditation and become a better you, for yourself and others…and so it is!