Mind, Body, and Spiritual Tune-Up

Just like your finest car needs to have periodic tune-ups to function properly, so too, does our mind, body, and the spirit within us need to be maintained daily. It’s important for us to nurture our inner success mechanism so that it can provide us success in love, income, health and career.

Here are some tips, or owner’s manual, to help rejuvenate your mind, body, and the spirit within:

  • Don’t allow any negative thoughts that you may have had throughout your day be taken to bed with you. Eliminate them from your mind;
  • Fuel up each day by meditating, which will regenerate and renew your mind, body, and spirit;
  • Be sure to give your body the proper rest, exercise, and sensible diet, which will positively affect your mind and spirit;
  • Build your subconscious mind with positive goals and positive self-image thoughts;
  • If your mind and spirit is in need of repair, be sure to pray for healing;
  • If you are sick or ill, give positive mental affirmations to those areas to restore your entire mind-body-spirit;
  • If your mind or spirit overheats with a negative or painful situation, have a cooling off period where you do nothing, so that peace can enter back into your mind and spirit;
  • If you feel as though your mind or body sputters or feels clogged, be sure to meditate to unclog those areas and ask for God to help clear any negative thoughts or energy;
  • Don’t allow past negative issues or failures to hinder you from moving into a successful future. Use these techniques to release any past negativity.

Try mental visualization by combining thought and breath by doing the following:

  • While inhaling deeply, visualize your breath coming into your body and state, “I inhale peace.”
  • Exhale and visualize your breath leaving your body and state, “I exhale negativity.”
  • Then, inhale deeply and state, “Positiveness enters my subconscious.”
  • Exhale while visualizing your breath leaving your body and state, “I telepathically broadcast positiveness.”
  • Next, inhale deeply and state, “I go into God’s presences.”
  • Exhale and say, “God’s energy fills me.”
  • Finally, sit quietly in meditation for a few minutes so that you can feel the effects of the above-mentioned steps.

Remember that you are a vital part of the universe and giving and receiving positive love and energy will help you to tune-up your mind, body, and spirit daily…and so it is!


How You See Yourself

How you see yourself everyday reflects the quality of your life, whether it is progressing or regressing. What you are thinking in your mind could make or break your life and its potential. You have an image of yourself in your mind. That image can impress your subconscious mind gearing it for success and happiness, or failure and frustration.

Your minds thoughts can project or radiate out to others, which will in turn attract back the likeness of those thoughts, known as the law of attraction. Those thought energies will either make your company more attractive to people who can advance your life, or your thoughts will repulse them and attract negative people who can hinder you.

Your self-image can be constructed by your thoughts as they stimulate corresponding emotions. The key is to see yourself in a better light, and then through this positive view, eliminate any thoughts of despair in every area of your life. You need to add positive energy to all levels of your mind.

To do this, you need to develop activity visualization, which can bring extra dimensions of positive thoughts to your mind and daily awareness. You’ll need to apply it every day in everything you do. Basically, we create what we see in our own minds.

Try the following visualization affirmations each day:

  • Every time I see a healthy person, I will SEE myself in my own mind as having the same kind of health;
  • Every time I see a prosperous person, I will SEE myself in my own mind as a prosperous person;
  • Every time I see a person who has/knows love in his/her life, I will SEE myself in my own mind as having love in my life;
  • Every day I will visualize myself as a person who thinks, acts, and feels as a person with a wonderful life;
  • Every time I see something that I’d like to own, I immediately SEE myself in my own mind as having the money to buy it, and then enjoying it;
  • Every day I will SEE myself as a healthy, prosperous, fulfilled and happy person;
  • Every day I will SEE myself as a person of radiant health, financial wealth, fulfillment, and happiness.

Finally, be sure to thank your divine creator for all the good in your life, now and always…and so it is!