What’s My Thyroid Got To Do With It?

At the end of January, I went through a major discovery about my health. I was suffering from serious digestion issues, along with what I believed to be silent reflux, and made the decision to get help. I am so glad that I did.

After analysis, my wellness doctor explained to me that all of the issues I had stemmed from my thyroid. I was shocked. What did my thyroid have to do with my digestion, and my hormonal imbalance, and my mood swings? I mean, I was going through menopause, right?

Well, some of that was true, but the bottom line was my thyroid was under active, or hypothyroidism. After a long discussion, I discovered things about my thyroid that I never could have imagined affected my body. It all made sense. Quite a few of the symptoms from hypothyroidism was something I suffered from…yikes!

I was completely surprised to learn that my hormonal issues weren’t all from menopause. Here is a great article from Ministry Healthcare, that gives you detailed information about the role of your thyroid.

Here is a list of symptoms for hypothyroidism (under active):

  • Severe fatigue, loss of energy
  •  Weight gain, difficulty losing weight
  •  Depression and depressed mood
  •  Joint and muscle pain, headaches
  •  Dry skin, brittle nails
  •  Brittle hair, itchy scalp, hair loss
  •  Irregular periods, PMS symptoms
  •  Breast milk formation
  •  Calcium metabolism difficulties
  •  Difficulty tolerating cold and lower body temperature
  •  Constipation
  •  Sleeping more than average
  •  Diminished sex drive
  •  Puffiness in face and extremities
  •  Hoarseness
  •  Bruising/clotting problems
  •  Elevated levels of LDL (the “bad” cholesterol) and heightened risk of heart disease
  •  Allergies that suddenly appear or get worse
  •  Persistent cold sores, boils, or breakouts
  •  Tingling sensation in wrists and hands that mimics carpal tunnel syndrome
  •  Memory loss, fuzzy thinking, difficulty following conversation or train of thought
  •  Slowness or slurring of speech

Here is a list of symptoms for hyperthyroidism (overactive):

  • Anxiety, nervousness, and irritability
  • Frequent, loose bowel movements
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Double vision
  • Eyes that bulge out, or “protrude” (in patients with Graves’ disease)
  • Hair changes, including brittle hair, thinning hair, and hair lossfrom scalp
  • Irregular heart beat (arrhythmia), especially in older adults
  • Menstrual cycle changes, including lighter bleeding and less frequent periods
  • Muscle weakness, especially in the thighs and upper arms
  • Rapid fingernail growth
  • Rapid heartbeat, usually over 100 beats per minute
  • Shaky hands
  • Sweating
  • Thinning skin
  • Weight loss despite increased appetite

The bottom line is, if you are suffering from any of these symptoms, see your doctor. Get a blood test to determine for sure. If you’re not comfortable with going on a drug, then visit a wellness doctor in your area to go about it naturally. That’s what I did, and I’m healthier because of it.

Here’s to healthier thyroid…and so it is!


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