The Best Time in Your Life…Is Now

This was the centering thought of my mediation today, and I believe it holds an amazing amount of truth. If you were to ask yourself, when was the perfect time of your life, it’s common for us to reflect back to certain moments (i.e marriage, childbirth, job promotion). However, those moments were the best times of our life…then, at that moment.

It’s natural to choose monumental events that have made us happy, but we need to be happy every day being in the present moment. The best time in your life is when you are folding laundry, washing dishes, doing your job at work, meditating, and having dinner with your family.

A good reminder of how precious our time is, is being in the moment and believing it’s the best time in your life in that moment. We are constantly thinking about the next thing, the next job, the next dinner, the next day, month, year and then we wonder why we ask ourselves, Where does the time go?

When you give your undivided attention to the moment you are in, it brings a sense of fulfillment. I love the adage from Deepak Chopra about the common phrase when we tell people to slow down, “Stop and smell the roses.” His view is, ‘wouldn’t it be better if we were the gardener in that bed of roses’? I think so.

So whatever it is that you’re doing right now, reading this post, make sure you’re giving it your all…be present and remember, the best time in your life…is now!

…and so it is!


Getting in the Way of Oneself

Have you ever noticed that the person who is the hardest on you…is YOU? I’ve certainly learned this over the years. We put so much pressure on ourselves to succeed in every area of our lives. Trying to force the hand to fit our situation. I love the phrase, “If you want to make God smile, tell him you have a plan.”

One of the most difficult things I have tried to learn is, to just be…to go with the flow. Has anyone ever told you to just chill? It’s easier said than done. I’ve told many others that same phrase. Unfortunately, I haven’t mastered it myself.

I need to learn to get out of my own way. To trust in the Universe and to believe that I am where I need to be in the present moment. My mind is in a constant motion, which is why meditation has been hard for me over the last several years. Trying to shut off all of the chatter and to be still, even for five minutes, can be difficult.

However, I do know that when I reach a moment of frustration or impatience, it doesn’t take me near as long as it once did to clear my thoughts and move forward. I remember hearing a great phrase that I tell myself during these moments, “I may not be where I want to be, but at least I’m not where I used to be. I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be.”

So if you’re having a bad moment, day, week, month, or year, don’t get in the way of yourself. Try to quiet your mind through meditation or any other diversion that clears your thoughts. Then tell yourself that everything is as it should be…and trust in the process. Take a quick glimpse at how far you’ve come to this point, and believe you’re doing everything right in that moment.

Remember the phrase, The Universe is for me, and so is everything else…and so it is!

Your Spiritual Truth Will Bring Happiness and Success

I’ve recently learned, on this amazing journey of mine, that I hadn’t been speaking my truth. That I was blocking myself subconsciously causing a repeated cycle of frustration, anxiety, and restlessness.

At first, I was quite confused as to the meaning of “speaking my truth”, but I have slowly gathered that I was lacking my own confidence. I spoke the words, I am a great at…fill in the blank…but I truly didn’t believe it.

I think we all hear that little tiny voice in our head that says, “Are you really that good at this?” “Do you really want to try something new?” “Can you trust yourself to be successful at…?”

Well I’m here to tell you that you ARE awesome, talented, and creative. If you acknowledge that, in your own mind, you can possess all that is good within you. You can receive through a process of psychic energy and set it into motion within your own mind.

Every thought in your mind is a cause, which sets into motion a psychic energy out into the Universe, which will result in a physical effect visibly seen by the world. If you think good thoughts in your own mind, you will set up a psychic chain reaction that will eventually return good to you in your life. That same goes if you put out the negative thoughts into the Universe.

When you have learned and practiced this process, you will discover and believe that any type of negative condition that comes upon your life is only temporary. The same goes to being good or kind to another person. This will then bring goodness and kindness back to you.

Here are a few daily guidelines to help you live the law of success:

  • Meditate each day to keep your intuition open.
  • Program your mind each day with success ideas during meditation so as to place successful thoughts into your subconscious.
  • Don’t allow yourself to become sidetracked from your goals. Think for yourself.
  • Live each day as if you have already received your goals of success.
  • Don’t worry about where, or from whom, how this success can come to you. Constantly confirm that all channels are open and flowing to you from the Universe.
  • Every time you think a positive thought about success, immediately follow it up with the words, “And so it is!” This enforces the power of the thought in your subconscious.
  • As always, follow the bible verse, “As we sow, so shall we reap.” Plant those positive seeds into your subconscious.
  • Don’t fear the future. You were put on this earth for a purpose to fulfill your destiny.
  • Pace the tempo of your journey. Don’t feel you need to be in a hurry for your success.

So don’t just say the words, “I am great at…”, believe them to be so! Speak your truth and put those positive words out into the Universe. Treat others with love and respect. When you do, you will soon discover all of that truth, love, and respect coming back to you and therefore, creating the success you deserve. And so it is…

We Could All Use A Daily Mental Rebirth

Every day brings us the opportunity to hit the “refresh” button on our brains and start fresh. We all have those days when everything goes wrong and we just can’t wait for a new day.

Here are some tips to help you do just that! Take 5-10 minutes in the morning before you begin your daily routine and simply close your eyes and breathe deep and quiet your mind.

Try stating the following affirmations for each type of ” mental rebirth” that you need:

  • For Release and Letting Go:
    • I release all sense of tension and anxiety from my body and mind.
    • I release all fear and doubt about my life, knowing that is guided to success and happiness through the higher power of my mind.
    • I release all sense of hostility toward anyone and bring myself into eternal peace.
  • For Peace:
    • Every breath I take into my body is a breath of peace and rest for my mind.
  • For Health:
    • All nerves, cells, tissues and organs of my body are now attuned to the perfect harmony of nature.
    • The mental cause behind any physical ailment is removed from all levels of my mind by God.
    • All cells in my body are reborn to health and perfection.
  • For Prosperity:
    • I attract all that I need for my prosperity.
    • I am intuitively directed by my mind to be in the right place at the right time with the right person for the receiving of my prosperity.
  • For Happiness:
    • I know that all things are possible, and I let this thought vibrate as happiness throughout my being.
    • Through my spirit within me, my soul and its destiny are fulfilled, giving me a complete feeling of happiness throughout my being.
  • For Creative Thinking:
    • My mind is filled with creative ideas that I can use for constant improvement in my life, and these ideas are flowing into my mind.
    • All it takes is one creative idea to improve my life, and I already possess that idea in the universal part of my mind.
  • For Love:
    • I love myself, and because of this, I am filled with love and vibrate love out to others each day.
    • As I vibrate love out to others, I attract love in all its many forms from others.
    • I send forth love into the universe, and am loved back by life itself.
  • For Spiritual Awareness:
    • Every meditation period opens my mind more and more to an awareness of my higher spiritual nature and soul.
    • I am sensitive to the mental and spiritual cause behind all conditions and circumstances in life.

With each of these affirmations, believe it to be so. Simply put: The Universe is for me, and so is everything else…and so it is!!

Negative Trends – Can You Reverse Them?

We’ve all been through difficult times in our lives. We’ve also heard the statement that when we’re going through that particular storm, we’re going through a change in our lives. That nothing can stay the same, and we’re to keep our chin up and remain positive when we’re going through said storm.

However, that’s one of the most difficult things to do, no matter what adversity you are facing. I’ve always said to myself when someone has shared that wisdom, “Seriously? That’s what I want to hear right now?”

Unfortunately, it’s so true. I know this because I’ve witnessed the other side of difficult storms I’ve gone through. The key IS to learn how to handle them because we can’t eliminate them from our lives. Life happens and if we can discover ways to handle the negative situation without going into a panic, we may actually see how it can produce positive benefits.

We all know how easy it is to be positive about our lives when we’re going through positive trends. But when a negative trend hits us and we fight it, it will ultimately delay the change for the greater good that is taking place.

Therefore, whenever you’re handed a negative trend, this is the time to test your faith and spiritual power by trying the following:

  • Don’t allow your thinking to become negative about yourself and life – NO MATTER WHAT!
  • You must try to keep your thoughts positive by realizing you’re going through a transitional period, which appears on the surface as negative or destructive.
  • The only thing that is being destroyed is the “old” in your life so it can clear the way for even greater good in your life.
  • Just try to tell yourself “this too shall pass”, which will cause the transitional phase to pass quickly, resulting in greater good.
  • During this time it’s even more important to meditate and program your mind with positive thought patterns, such as:
    • I accept that these difficult trends in my life are only a transitional stage leading to greater good in my life;
    • I am confident about my future, regardless of what is taking place at this moment;
    • As a result of what I am going through right now, I have complete faith that my future will be even better.
  • Don’t tell other people what a difficult time you are having. This will only continue the negative thoughts, as well as, putting it out into the Universe causing it to continue to come back to you. Discuss it with someone you know who is positive and genuinely concerned for your well-being.
  • Never feel that God has failed you, or that you have failed God. Blaming God or someone else will only prolong the negative trend, which will prevent you from moving forward into the positive trend in your life.
  • Be aware of new ideas about your life that may enter into your mind at this time. Keeping your mind positive and open, the answers will come.

Here are a few statements you can tell yourself while you quiet your mind during a storm:

While Inhaling, Tell Yourself:                                                While Exhaling, Tell Yourself:

I take in the new ……………………………………………………………… I eliminate the old.

I take in a new trend ……………………………………………………….. I eliminate an old trend.

I take in a positive future ………………………………………………… I eliminate a negative past.

Remember that you can reverse a negative trend. Believe in yourself, and keep the faith. And so it is…

The Power of Meditation

Meditation brings about the ability to live naturally and to have control over your inner self and your mind. It can be simple or complex, depending on one’s knowledge of the methods involved, or your own needs at the time of your life.

The two types of meditation taught are contact and control meditation. Contact meditation is when a person tries to get in touch with their inner ability or reality. Whereas, control meditation controls the mind through thought pattern programming. Both are fine and it depends on the individual which process they prefer. There are no right or wrong ways to meditate. The key is to quiet the mind and bring yourself closer to your higher self.

Meditation can bring about a positive self-image of oneself. It will bring you closer to listening to your intuition, that inner voice or gut feeling, and begin to help you rely on it when you come to a cross-roads in your life. It can help develop our ESP and telepathic powers. We all have it, it’s just a matter of tapping into these abilities, and meditation can help.

Meditation can also bring good health to the body. By meditating daily, you discover how the body is an energy field that is affected in a healing and renewing way by contacting the primal or God-energy, which is the natural healing energy of the body. You will also begin to change negative thought patterns into positive ones.

If you faithfully practice meditation, you will soon discover how much happier you are, and how you can become more successful in your relationships, career and finances. You’ll also develop a successful inward spiritual awareness that can help you become a more evolved individual.

Some feel it’s impossible to keep the mind quiet or don’t even think they can meditate. The truth is, we all have the ability, even if it’s only for five minutes. Here is a simple meditation practice that can put you on the path to become aware of the true spiritual power within yourself:

  • Sit either on the floor or in a comfortable chair in a relaxed position;
  • Place your hands gently in your lap;
  • Close your eyes and begin to deeply breathe in and out noticing your breath entering in and out of your nostrils;
  • Place your concentration on your breath as you see in your mind’s eye your chest rising and falling;
  • Now, begin to repeat the mantra silently to yourself “So Hum”, which means, “I Am That”. That represents the Universe, which symbolizes how we are all connected to the universal energy. I am one with the Universe;
  • Continue to breathe deeply and calmly as you repeat the mantra So Hum. If your mind drifts to different thoughts, or there are disruptions in your body or in the environment, gently bring your awareness back to repeating the mantra;
  • Try this for five minutes just to begin to get a feel of how your mind can actually shut off from thoughts. Don’t get frustrated and give up. We ALL have wandering thoughts. In fact, when our mind drifts off to random thoughts that is its way of relieving stress, so that’s a good thing;
  • When the five minutes (or longer if you prefer) are up, you can release the mantra (stop repeating) and remain restful and bring awareness back into your body (wiggle your toes and fingers), but keep your eyes closed;
  • Then you can gently open your eyes and recognize how you feel. You’ll notice your heart rate is slower and you’ll feel a sense of calm and peace. Carry this feeling with you and eventually as you increase your meditation practice, you’ll discover that you will have a calmer and lighter spirit when confronted with life’s daily routines.

Discover the power of meditation and become a better you, for yourself and others…and so it is!


Mind, Body, and Spiritual Tune-Up

Just like your finest car needs to have periodic tune-ups to function properly, so too, does our mind, body, and the spirit within us need to be maintained daily. It’s important for us to nurture our inner success mechanism so that it can provide us success in love, income, health and career.

Here are some tips, or owner’s manual, to help rejuvenate your mind, body, and the spirit within:

  • Don’t allow any negative thoughts that you may have had throughout your day be taken to bed with you. Eliminate them from your mind;
  • Fuel up each day by meditating, which will regenerate and renew your mind, body, and spirit;
  • Be sure to give your body the proper rest, exercise, and sensible diet, which will positively affect your mind and spirit;
  • Build your subconscious mind with positive goals and positive self-image thoughts;
  • If your mind and spirit is in need of repair, be sure to pray for healing;
  • If you are sick or ill, give positive mental affirmations to those areas to restore your entire mind-body-spirit;
  • If your mind or spirit overheats with a negative or painful situation, have a cooling off period where you do nothing, so that peace can enter back into your mind and spirit;
  • If you feel as though your mind or body sputters or feels clogged, be sure to meditate to unclog those areas and ask for God to help clear any negative thoughts or energy;
  • Don’t allow past negative issues or failures to hinder you from moving into a successful future. Use these techniques to release any past negativity.

Try mental visualization by combining thought and breath by doing the following:

  • While inhaling deeply, visualize your breath coming into your body and state, “I inhale peace.”
  • Exhale and visualize your breath leaving your body and state, “I exhale negativity.”
  • Then, inhale deeply and state, “Positiveness enters my subconscious.”
  • Exhale while visualizing your breath leaving your body and state, “I telepathically broadcast positiveness.”
  • Next, inhale deeply and state, “I go into God’s presences.”
  • Exhale and say, “God’s energy fills me.”
  • Finally, sit quietly in meditation for a few minutes so that you can feel the effects of the above-mentioned steps.

Remember that you are a vital part of the universe and giving and receiving positive love and energy will help you to tune-up your mind, body, and spirit daily…and so it is!