How You See Yourself

How you see yourself everyday reflects the quality of your life, whether it is progressing or regressing. What you are thinking in your mind could make or break your life and its potential. You have an image of yourself in your mind. That image can impress your subconscious mind gearing it for success and happiness, or failure and frustration.

Your minds thoughts can project or radiate out to others, which will in turn attract back the likeness of those thoughts, known as the law of attraction. Those thought energies will either make your company more attractive to people who can advance your life, or your thoughts will repulse them and attract negative people who can hinder you.

Your self-image can be constructed by your thoughts as they stimulate corresponding emotions. The key is to see yourself in a better light, and then through this positive view, eliminate any thoughts of despair in every area of your life. You need to add positive energy to all levels of your mind.

To do this, you need to develop activity visualization, which can bring extra dimensions of positive thoughts to your mind and daily awareness. You’ll need to apply it every day in everything you do. Basically, we create what we see in our own minds.

Try the following visualization affirmations each day:

  • Every time I see a healthy person, I will SEE myself in my own mind as having the same kind of health;
  • Every time I see a prosperous person, I will SEE myself in my own mind as a prosperous person;
  • Every time I see a person who has/knows love in his/her life, I will SEE myself in my own mind as having love in my life;
  • Every day I will visualize myself as a person who thinks, acts, and feels as a person with a wonderful life;
  • Every time I see something that I’d like to own, I immediately SEE myself in my own mind as having the money to buy it, and then enjoying it;
  • Every day I will SEE myself as a healthy, prosperous, fulfilled and happy person;
  • Every day I will SEE myself as a person of radiant health, financial wealth, fulfillment, and happiness.

Finally, be sure to thank your divine creator for all the good in your life, now and always…and so it is!


Establishing New Patterns in the New Year

A pattern is a manifestation of a psychic force that is active in our lives. We all speak about a positive or negative pattern in our life, but with psychic and spiritual wisdom, we can gain further insight as to how to handle them.

I’ve discussed before how thought is energy and how important it is to be careful of what we think. Therefore, when a pattern is established, there is a pattern of energy that exists in the universe. We also know that the mind rules the body and the body rules the mind. Therefore, we have the ability to influence those energy patterns in our minds.

We’ve all heard that when a person is in a rut, they need a change of scenery or a vacation. But one doesn’t really need to take a vacation in the ordinary sense, but rather, they need to take a vacation from certain set ways of doing things in the course of their daily activities.

To break a negative pattern, we need to shake it up. Sometimes these negative patterns began as a positive pattern, but have since served its purpose and no longer serve you in a positive manner. We need to learn to break through any psychic wall that is holding us back.

Here are a few techniques to help change or break an unwanted pattern:

  • Whenever you feel old patterns closing in on you, go outside and take a few deep breaths. As you do, feel that there is renewing energy clearing your mind and dissolving old patterns.
  • Burn incense in your residence for a few days. Sage is a great at clearing any negative energy that is lingering from old patterns and thoughts in one’s mind.
  • When you are dealing with anyone who has a negative effect on you, picture a huge white light of protection around your entire body.
  • Each day give yourself positive thought suggestions (i.e. the power of God has already dissolved unwanted thought patterns from my mind).
  • Shop at a different time or place than you normally do.
  • Change or add something new to your diet.
  • Try new exercises.
  • Do something you have been putting off.
  • Clear your house of any items no longer needed, or give them to someone who can use them.
  • Meditate at a different time of day.

Anything that has been can be changed! You have the power of God within you to make things new. Expect with an attitude that positive new changes will begin in your life. And finally, exercise patience. Patience builds psychic-spiritual energy that makes positive things happen…and so it is!

Here’s to a Healthy and Happy New Year in 2017!!

Understanding Karmic Cause

We all can understand a problem on the surface, but understanding the nature of a problem when it arises in life can help us to better solve the problem. A karmic cause is based on the law of cause and effect. Basically, if you’ve done or thought of something, you will either reap the benefits or pay a debt.

In most cases, it is something that has been done in this lifetime, but in some instances it may be an action from a previous life. Whichever lifetime, by removing the karmic cause in your mind, the psychic reason for your problem will withdraw the problem itself, resulting in a new growth of oneself.

When we remove the karmic cause, we must have a growth of consciousness. One way is to deal with a problem as soon as it arises. We must remain calm and believe that no matter what the problem, it can be dealt with spiritually. There may be physical actions that must take place, but for the most part it must be outgrown. After all, that’s what we’re all trying to do in our lives…grow.

Here are a few guidance guidelines to help with handling problems as they arise:

  • After your initial reaction, don’t overreact. Search for spiritual peace and power in your higher conscious to deal with a problem;
  • Don’t spend time blaming yourself or others. Instead, ask for higher guidance on what action to take to remove the problem;
  • Tell yourself that the power within you is greater than the problem;
  • Meditate more often to bring your consciousness above the psychic energy of the problem;
  • If other people are directly involved with your problem, bless them instead of cursing them or seeking revenge. This will set up positive thought energy currents to help remove the problem;
  • If the problem is for a lack of something, immediately tell yourself that what you appear to lack, it is already yours through the spiritual belief within you;
  • Ask for divine guidance as soon as you awaken in the morning and anytime of the day that you feel the need. Always give thanks for being guided;
  • When a problem arises, don’t think of it as something going wrong in your life, rather consider it a signal for a new growth;
  • Don’t take a negative or defeatist attitude. Even thought at that time it doesn’t feel as though you can cope with the problem, know that God is divinely guiding you to a solution.

Believe that the healing God-power in your mind will remove the karmic cause of any problem…and so it is!

Divine Mind Remedy

Divine mind remedy is for the purpose of eliminating negative thoughts from our minds. It’s not an easy thing to do, and it takes daily practice. I’ve posted before on how important it is to immediately cancel a negative thought that pops into your mind about yourself and/or others.

As time goes on you will begin to retrain your mind to think of the positive in every situation, and you will slowly begin to find yourself becoming more calm and relaxed in difficult scenarios.

It’s important not to react abruptly to a negative comment or argument. If you can, practice the no response reaction. I’ve tested it, and the results are quite amazing. Example…I was being confronted by someone who had a strong opinion on something they felt about me. The first thing you naturally want to do is defend yourself. But instead, I chose to let them “vent” and remained silent and listened. Out of nowhere, the unthinkable happened. They realized I wasn’t retaliating with hurtful words or negative comments and they gradually calmed down.

Once they had finished, I simply replied, “I’m sorry that you feel this way. I hear you and I apologize if I did or said anything that caused you pain.” Even though I knew deep down what they were saying wasn’t true, I chose the high road, as they say. It’s not easy, trust me, but it diffused the situation and an argument never ensued. I even gave this person a hug when they left.

Now, I was hurt by their words, and I needed to release my emotions in private, but the friendship remained in tact. I told myself, these are their issues, not mine. The key is to believe and love yourself. To have the positive mind and thoughts about yourself and not to let others drag you down with their emotional negative baggage.

How do you do that? By daily meditation and positive affirmations. Here are a few that you can try, especially in those toxic moments when you want to lash out at someone in defense. It’s just not worth it. Eventually, you’ll have a more peaceful existence.

  • By the power of my divine mind, I find the power to forgive…now – this is to release hate;
  • I am one with eternal peace within me – this is to release anger/hostility;
  • All of my needs have been met without taking from anyone – this is to release jealousy/envy;
  • I have an infinite source of supply, I am one, now and always with financial abundance – this is to release poverty-lack;
  • I am at peace with myself now and eternally – this is to release frustration;
  • The healing power of the divine mind within me has already forgiven myself for times I have erred – this is to release guilt;
  • All is perfect…all is well – this is to release worry-doubt.

You have the power within you to bring peace into your life and to give love out to the universe. Believe it is so…and so it is!

You Can Bring Unity Back Into Our Country

In light of the last couple of weeks, it is pretty obvious that fear has set into many of the hearts of people in our country.  There has been constant words of negativity, anger, and more, that has divided us not only as a country, but from family and friends.

Many are despondent on what will happen now and they fear the worst. But we need to stop giving into those fears, our egos, and begin to realize that it is up to us, as individuals, to take control of our lives and remove from our minds any negative thoughts that prevent us from obtaining the best that life has to offer.

It is up to us “alone” to make a difference and bring peace back into our lives. We can make a difference, no matter how small of a level you may think it is. Take this one small step toward bringing peace back into your own life, which in turn will put out peace into the Universe.

We must focus on the good in everything and everyone. It’s clearly obvious we won’t agree with everyone on any given subject, but if we could just listen more to those we may disagree with, maybe gradually we can begin to understand one another again. To kindly agree to disagree.

In order to do that, we must work on ourselves to reinforce our own positive characteristics. Our positive traits are the key to our destiny. We can’t possibly worry about everyone else’s thinking and beliefs, it’ll wear you out. But by being more positive, empathetic, compassionate, accepting, understanding, kind, loving, forgiving, even on a small-scale, you’d be surprised how you will spread more peace and love into the world.

One by one, we can make a difference. Remain calm and at peace with yourself, and you will begin to see the shift in your own life. You may realize that those you once had in your life begin to drift away from your friendship, but maybe they weren’t meant to be in your life.

We all have a voice. Let that voice be of peace and love. Don’t continue to dwell on the negative. Don’t speak it, don’t think it. Change your thoughts through peaceful meditation. Your higher God-mind will help you eliminate negative traits of your personality and strengthen the already strong ones. It’s up to you! You CAN make a difference…for the better.

Remember that your own confidence exists in you now and always. Your own intuition will direct you to success and happiness. God’s positive presence will eliminate negative thoughts in every moment of your life. Keep a winning self-image of yourself. Keep a sense of humor about yourself and those around you. Most of all, forgive everyone every day, no matter what. You’d be surprised how good you will feel in the end.

The bottom line of it all is LOVE…you alone can bring unity back into our country.

And so it is!!

You Are Not Alone

Most people believe they are alone when it comes to dealing with issues or problems taking place in their life. Society may think this, but for the most part, this is a false notion. You are not alone, you’re not even the actual “doer”.

The doer is none other than God. There is no need to take on the burden yourself. The line, “Give it up to God”, is truer than you think. The problem most people have is, believing it. If you can believe in this truth, then you will have discovered the success secret of the ages!

The key to this is to allow it into your mind and life. Your body and mind can serve as the channel for the power of God within. Your understanding of your existence is based on society’s lack of awareness of your true-self. Once you have been able to remove this from your mind, you will be able to open all that is being offered to you to accomplish what is needed in your life.

You need to try and remove the conditioned limitations that society places on you in your own mind. Replace it by stating affirmations daily in your mind with the following statements:

  • I am one mind with the mind of God within me;
  • I am one in spirit with the spirit of God within me;
  • I am one in power with the power of God within me;
  • I am creative with the creative presence of God within me;
  • I am one with the love of God within me;
  • I am at peace with the peace of God within me;
  • I am full of love with the love of God within me;
  • I can accomplish all things with the power of God within me;
  • The eternal peace of God throughout my being calms me;
  • God directs my footsteps and direction every day.

You can try these before you meditate for the day. Repeat them at any time, especially when you are feeling vulnerable or anxious. Remember that you are not alone!

“It is not I, but the Father within me that doeth these works.”…Jesus Christ

…and so it is!

ESP…Telepathy…Field of Energy

All physical matter, in truth, is a field of energy, including our physical bodies, minerals, vegetables and everything in nature. The same goes for conditions and situations in our lives being considered as fields of energy. Much of this energy cannot be seen, except by psychics, which is why we regard unseen energy as psychic energy.

Energies of the mind can reach out beyond the body and make telepathic contact with people, as well as objects. This has been proven through tests in ESP and telepathy. The energies of the mind are on different wavelengths or frequencies. Each of these frequencies of mental energy corresponds to a particular emotion and nature of thoughts at any given time.

This is why it’s vitally important to watch our negative or destructive thoughts, which can be broadcast telepathically. It’s best to try to keep our thoughts positive so as to broadcast positive frequencies of our mental energies.

Like attracts like. What we are thinking on a mental level can attract those energies in physical form. So when we think about love, money, or success, the mind will attract it telepathically, as long as a positive mental attitude is maintained about the result being sought.

We must try and maintain a positive mental attitude daily regarding all aspects of life. Not only do we need to have a positive attitude consciously, but we must practice it in our subconscious mind. The magnetic quality of our minds operates on all levels. The subconscious mind acts as a memory bank for everything that is passing through our conscious level of our mind.

A way to promote a positive attitude on the subconscious level of the mind we need to guard our conscious thinking; refuse to accept anything negative about ourselves or our lives; and try to program our subconscious mind with positive thoughts.

Below are a few guides for possessing positive thoughts and creating a positive field of energy:

  • Try to maintain a positive attitude during your daily activities;
  • Do not accept a negative situation as a reality in your mind. React by talking positive and how you can improve the situation;
  • Nullify negative thoughts  immediately as they enter your mind, don’t allow them to return to your subconscious mind as realities;
  • Regard your every thought as telepathic energy that can draw or repel good and happiness;
  • Don’t talk negatively in casual conversations. Those around you will view you as a loser, and in doing so will propel the negative energy in larger numbers;
  • Choose friends who have a positive outlook on life. Avoid those who only see the negative in every situation;
  • Take time each day to program your mind with positive thoughts through meditation. Program the goals you wish to achieve.

Live, act, think, and feel like a person who already has what you desire…and so it is!!