Your Spiritual Truth Will Bring Happiness and Success

I’ve recently learned, on this amazing journey of mine, that I hadn’t been speaking my truth. That I was blocking myself subconsciously causing a repeated cycle of frustration, anxiety, and restlessness.

At first, I was quite confused as to the meaning of “speaking my truth”, but I have slowly gathered that I was lacking my own confidence. I spoke the words, I am a great at…fill in the blank…but I truly didn’t believe it.

I think we all hear that little tiny voice in our head that says, “Are you really that good at this?” “Do you really want to try something new?” “Can you trust yourself to be successful at…?”

Well I’m here to tell you that you ARE awesome, talented, and creative. If you acknowledge that, in your own mind, you can possess all that is good within you. You can receive through a process of psychic energy and set it into motion within your own mind.

Every thought in your mind is a cause, which sets into motion a psychic energy out into the Universe, which will result in a physical effect visibly seen by the world. If you think good thoughts in your own mind, you will set up a psychic chain reaction that will eventually return good to you in your life. That same goes if you put out the negative thoughts into the Universe.

When you have learned and practiced this process, you will discover and believe that any type of negative condition that comes upon your life is only temporary. The same goes to being good or kind to another person. This will then bring goodness and kindness back to you.

Here are a few daily guidelines to help you live the law of success:

  • Meditate each day to keep your intuition open.
  • Program your mind each day with success ideas during meditation so as to place successful thoughts into your subconscious.
  • Don’t allow yourself to become sidetracked from your goals. Think for yourself.
  • Live each day as if you have already received your goals of success.
  • Don’t worry about where, or from whom, how this success can come to you. Constantly confirm that all channels are open and flowing to you from the Universe.
  • Every time you think a positive thought about success, immediately follow it up with the words, “And so it is!” This enforces the power of the thought in your subconscious.
  • As always, follow the bible verse, “As we sow, so shall we reap.” Plant those positive seeds into your subconscious.
  • Don’t fear the future. You were put on this earth for a purpose to fulfill your destiny.
  • Pace the tempo of your journey. Don’t feel you need to be in a hurry for your success.

So don’t just say the words, “I am great at…”, believe them to be so! Speak your truth and put those positive words out into the Universe. Treat others with love and respect. When you do, you will soon discover all of that truth, love, and respect coming back to you and therefore, creating the success you deserve. And so it is…


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