Negative Trends – Can You Reverse Them?

We’ve all been through difficult times in our lives. We’ve also heard the statement that when we’re going through that particular storm, we’re going through a change in our lives. That nothing can stay the same, and we’re to keep our chin up and remain positive when we’re going through said storm.

However, that’s one of the most difficult things to do, no matter what adversity you are facing. I’ve always said to myself when someone has shared that wisdom, “Seriously? That’s what I want to hear right now?”

Unfortunately, it’s so true. I know this because I’ve witnessed the other side of difficult storms I’ve gone through. The key IS to learn how to handle them because we can’t eliminate them from our lives. Life happens and if we can discover ways to handle the negative situation without going into a panic, we may actually see how it can produce positive benefits.

We all know how easy it is to be positive about our lives when we’re going through positive trends. But when a negative trend hits us and we fight it, it will ultimately delay the change for the greater good that is taking place.

Therefore, whenever you’re handed a negative trend, this is the time to test your faith and spiritual power by trying the following:

  • Don’t allow your thinking to become negative about yourself and life – NO MATTER WHAT!
  • You must try to keep your thoughts positive by realizing you’re going through a transitional period, which appears on the surface as negative or destructive.
  • The only thing that is being destroyed is the “old” in your life so it can clear the way for even greater good in your life.
  • Just try to tell yourself “this too shall pass”, which will cause the transitional phase to pass quickly, resulting in greater good.
  • During this time it’s even more important to meditate and program your mind with positive thought patterns, such as:
    • I accept that these difficult trends in my life are only a transitional stage leading to greater good in my life;
    • I am confident about my future, regardless of what is taking place at this moment;
    • As a result of what I am going through right now, I have complete faith that my future will be even better.
  • Don’t tell other people what a difficult time you are having. This will only continue the negative thoughts, as well as, putting it out into the Universe causing it to continue to come back to you. Discuss it with someone you know who is positive and genuinely concerned for your well-being.
  • Never feel that God has failed you, or that you have failed God. Blaming God or someone else will only prolong the negative trend, which will prevent you from moving forward into the positive trend in your life.
  • Be aware of new ideas about your life that may enter into your mind at this time. Keeping your mind positive and open, the answers will come.

Here are a few statements you can tell yourself while you quiet your mind during a storm:

While Inhaling, Tell Yourself:                                                While Exhaling, Tell Yourself:

I take in the new ……………………………………………………………… I eliminate the old.

I take in a new trend ……………………………………………………….. I eliminate an old trend.

I take in a positive future ………………………………………………… I eliminate a negative past.

Remember that you can reverse a negative trend. Believe in yourself, and keep the faith. And so it is…


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