Think For Yourself

We live in a society that likes to take the easy way out. Take a pill for the cause of the tension, instead of getting to the root of the problem and solving naturally. It covers up and diverts you from what should be done. You receive no real healing of the cause of tension. We tend to let others opinion guide us instead of thinking for ourselves. The choice is yours! Either go along with the majority of society and end up living a life of quiet frustration, or guide yourself by your inner wisdom to a fulfillment in life.

We must learn and absolutely want to receive direction from a higher source. We must learn to be aware of the illusions that can take over our life, which is a result of allowing the ego to guide us. We must have a sincere desire to be true to our soul and destiny in life, as determined by Nature, the Universe, and God.

Here are a few affirmations that can help you throughout your day:

  • Try to maintain an easygoing mental attitude. Remain at peace and keep your composure, if you do, the right answers to rise above any problem will come.
  • Yield your personal ego to influencing your higher mind.
  • When you sleep at night, ask your higher mind to influence your subconscious with the right direction to take in your life. These subconscious impressions will surface during your conscious daily activities.
  • If you find yourself overanalyzing a situation, it’s unlikely your thoughts have come from your higher mind.
  • Believe in those inner gut feelings. You must stay open to them.
  • Be sure to know the difference between your intuitive response from the emotional response. Emotional responses come from your personal ego or the influence of others. Believe and think for yourself!
  • If an action or a response lacks ethics, don’t do it.
  • Every day you are guided by your higher mind.
  • Believe that every day your thoughts are being guided by your higher God-mind.
  • Remember that your thoughts and words manifest what will happen in your life.

Before you start your day, go into a meditative state of consciousness and visualize yourself at peace doing your daily activities. In your minds eye see yourself surrounded by a pure white spiritual light. Believe you are being influenced by your higher God-mind.

Give thanks and believe it is so…and so it is!



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