Having Failed Symbolizes Having Faith

We all love a winner, right? Nature, or God’s perfection is within us at all times. It’s that human spirit that drives us to win, but in most cases before winning, we’ve experienced failure. Having the faith to continue and picking ourselves up will eventually move us further up the road to success.

Once we’ve won or achieved success, that vibration resonates within and becomes a daily part of our lives. Life will become a wonderful game and the glooms are no longer a part of our makeup. We will then begin to be grateful and praise life and its rewards, instead of blaming life or everyone for its failures.

We all have the same power within us to be a winner. God made it so. We all have that spirit to move us to win, which gives us the power to do it. Knowing this truth offers the proof that we are indeed a winner!

Believe that you are greater than any obstacle in front of you. Obstacles only have temporary power over us. Don’t let your mind dwell on failure frustration. Spend time meditating to change your negative thoughts and know you have the power to raise your consciousness above the mental level of the problem.

Winning is positivism. Only allow positive thoughts to enter your mind. Make full use of your time and it will create a winning consciousness and attract success. Your soul has a life purpose, once you have tuned into that purpose, your life will flow smoothly because you have the spiritual power behind everything you do.

We are all here for a reason! Never doubt that! A winner never quits. It’s been said time and again, the only true failures are quitting and never having tried. Don’t dwell on past failures. Always look ahead in your mind to new victories.

Here are a few affirmations to say while in a light state of meditation:

  • The God power within me is greater than any obstacle in front of me.
  • I think only positive thoughts.
  • Failure is a thing of the past.
  • The winning purpose of my soul vibrates through my thoughts every day.
  • God created me, so that power within me can create winning conditions in my life.
  • I contain the Universal perfection to be a winner.

Meditate and visualize yourself as a winner, whatever that means to you. Believe it is so, give thanks…and so it is!


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