Reading Label Ingredients Can Save Your Child’s Health

During my journey to better health, I learned a great deal about reading label ingredients and understanding exactly what I was putting into my mouth. I also learned through my wellness doctor that over the past 40-50 years, our foods have become so horribly over-processed, that it’s no wonder we have a rise in food allergies in our children, adult diabetes, heart disease, and digestive issues.

I never had a problem with any of those health issues stated above in my twenties, thirties, and even early forties, but in my early fifties life sure did change in my household. After dealing with serious digestive and thyroid issues, and not being able to eat MANY things, I learned that what I put in my mouth meant more than I realized.

Fast forward eight months, and I’m healthier, happier, and have more energy. But not without changing my food choices, staying committed, and reading labels. What has struck a chord with me is the question, how is this processed food affecting our children? Are we setting them up for major health issues later on in life…at an earlier age?

One of the things I was told, going through menopause, is that soy was poison for me while I was on Premarin. I didn’t know that, and as I began reading the labels on the foods I was eating, I found soy lecithin in many of the products, even Pam cooking spray. When I cut these products out, or found organic substitutes, I lost between fifteen-twenty pounds, some of which was water weight. I was shocked.

There are MANY debates on soy…is it good or bad? For me, it was bad and I fear when young girls are consuming soy, what is it doing to their bodies at a young age and over time? Will they develop breast cancer? Here are two articles that are very informative. One by Dr. Axe, and Jordan Davidson. I guess it’s up to you to decide, but for me, I’m glad I’ve cut it out of my diet. It’s also not a great thing for men and boys to consume.

The other ingredient I was told to avoid is carrageenan. It’s actually found in some organic foods, (i.e. rice and almond milk, infant formulas). Is it any wonder we get so confused when we’re told “organic” is better, but then this ingredient is added to many foods and it is known to cause serious digestive issues, inflammation, and even cancer. Here’s an informative article by Wellness Mama.

It isn’t a problem if we consume these ingredients every now and again, but the fact that they’re added to SO many products, and as our children and/or infants are getting these in their diets, that over a long period of time, who knows what kind of health issues they’ll develop.

I know as a Mom, I wish I knew some of this when my son was growing up. I do know that he has more digestive issues at a younger age than I did. That breaks my heart. We certainly don’t knowingly poison our children. But the fact remains, we must seriously educate ourselves, so we can educate our children, and begin purchasing foods that don’t contain these harmful ingredients.

I now bake all of our breads using flours made from brown rice, buckwheat, and almonds. Some are made without dairy and definitely no yeast. I used to complain I didn’t have the time, but when I was having to heal my body, I made the time.

The next issue I have, buying organic food is expensive. Organic foods are VERY pricey…but, in the long run, our health and the health of our children are more important than price. You can’t put a price on making sure the food that our children eat is really good for them. The payoff later down the road is well worth it.

Bottom line…read your labels. My wellness doctor said, “If you can’t pronounce it, don’t eat it.” Do a little research on some of the ingredients. I suppose I’ve become very passionate about this because of what I’ve had to overcome, which wasn’t a life threatening issue, but nonetheless, it could have become one over time.

Here’s to better health for ourselves and our children…and so it is!


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