The Law of Attraction…It Really Works

As Christ said, “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.” What you truly believe about yourself is reflected in your daily attitude. Your negative attitude is brought on by the pessimistic opinion of yourself. Whereas, a positive attitude has a belief in the inherent good of life.

We all have an ego, and when the personal ego is filled with turmoil and frustration of the ups and downs of life, over a period of time, it can deplete the strength and health of a person. When you let the ego get in the way and begin to believe, think, and speak the negative of those ups and downs, then that is what will come back to you by law of attraction, causing a repeated negative process.

Your attitude generates a response inwardly and outwardly. The outer responses are those of others toward us, whether they be positive or negative. The inner responses are our own thoughts in our unconscious mind that contain the negative and positive thoughts. Our attitude will act upon what we are thinking positively or negatively. If we want a better and more positive life, then we need to have a positive attitude daily.

You must realize that you will damage yourself psychologically, psychically and spiritually if your attitude is not positive.

  • Psychological damage stems from accepting failure thoughts. They will become an actual part of your subconscious mind by forming failure thought patterns, which will only compound the present situation, which will lead to further problems.
  • Psychic damage will radiate negative vibrations out to others, which will attract further conditions of failure and negativity into your life.
  • Spiritual damage occurs through your thoughts by putting the negative attitude about yourself into the Universe. By thinking the negative about yourself will be accepted in your Universal mind, and then carried out in nature.

A positive attitude about yourself and your life needs to have a spiritual foundation. A positive attitude does not accept defeat. NO matter what difficulty comes into your life, your positive attitude will show the way for improvement.

Keeping a positive attitude in your every day of life will begin to clear up any negative condition. It will put the positive thoughts out into the Universe, which will in turn come back to you with positive results.

Your life has meaning and by meditating every day, it will bring an inner peace that will guide you out of a negative situation. Creative ideas will come to you to help you solve any problem.

You may have a momentary reaction to a negative situation, but by having a positive attitude, the negative situation or thought will begin to retreat by aligning your mind with positive thoughts with the Universal mind within. Don’t blame others for negativity. Instead look within for guidance to correct the negative situation that involves anyone else.

You will see over time that with the daily practice of meditation, believing in yourself, and speaking positively, that the Universe will respond in kind.

The Universe is for you…and so it is!


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