Achieve Success by Eliminating Your Weakness

Success is natural in the course of our lives. It is within our nature to share and engage in the success of life. Most people posses the natural success factor, but because of certain weaknesses in their personality, they lose out on the realization of success. These weaknesses can sidetrack them or hold them back from achieving what they really want in life.

Our human mind has an energy from which the habit pattern of weakness is formed. This energy has a certain degree of power that can take a hold of our mind and nervous system, which causes us to think or act in self-defeating ways. It controls us into patterns of overeating, excess drinking, procrastination, or any other indulgences that keep us from attaining success.

One method to combat this behavior is to have a face-to-face confrontation with our higher self in our own minds. Our faith and belief will help us eliminate the weakness that stands in our way of success.

You have to “want to change” and “truly want to succeed”. The weakness that occupies our minds is only temporary. It will pass eventually. The God power in our own minds is greater than the temporary weakness energy in our minds.

When a weakness energy enters our minds, we need to go within ourselves to the God center of our mind and make a direct confrontation affirmation, such as:

  • If you have a weight problem due to overeating, a negative weakness controls our mind, which causes you to crave more food, but whenever you feel this negative energy state to yourself, “The God-Power within me is greater than the power causing me to overeat. I yield to my higher self which will bring peace to me.”
  • Continue saying this until you no longer sense the weakness influence over your mind.
  • When you overcome this urge, thank the God-Power of your mind for giving yourself self-control.

Always remember these points in your face-to-face confrontations:

  • Begin your confrontation affirmation with: “The God-Power within me is greater than _______.”
  • Repeat it until you feel that power taking over your mind.
  • Once you have received positive results…always give thanks!

Eliminate your weakness, achieve success, and give thanks…and so it is!!!


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