Believe in Yourself and Take Action

When an idea comes to you, do you act on it, or do you allow self-doubt keep you from taking action? Having faith or a belief in something within you, you possess that certain something extra, which will take you beyond that self-doubt giving you the surety to put your ideas into action.

There are two types of “selves” that exist within every person – Temporary self– which has been created by the conditioning of society and has a limited appreciation of itself or its possibilities. Real Self –  is someone who has a spark of life that causes you to have existence.

When you identify completely with your true self or higher mind, a faith in yourself will unfold, which will help you put your ideas into action. You have that extra something to make your ideas a reality.

You must know that you are never alone to act on your ideas. Daily meditation and a constant affirming of your true self will give you the confidence to take action. It will become a true reality in your own mind. It’s that inner knowing that a higher power is at work helping you to take that action.

If you take part in daily meditation, you will begin to discover ideas will come to you when your mind is clear and open, but those ideas mean nothing if you do not take action . To help yourself daily, I’ve listed some affirmations, which will hopefully stimulate your higher mind to take action, and then what will automatically follow is greater success, happiness, and the fulfillment of putting forth the ideas of your own soul.

  1. When a creative idea comes to your conscious mind, say to yourself, “My higher mind puts this into action immediately.”
  2. Doubt in yourself is the only thing holding you back from taking action.
  3. A person who takes action does so out of faith.
  4. Visualize in your minds eye that you are enjoying and living the idea as an already fulfilled act.
  5. Don’t take a defeatist attitude when there is a momentary dip in the condition of your action. There are always adjustments to be made when you begin something new.
  6. Every day you meditate, believe that your higher mind is always guiding you to the fruition of your ideas.
  7. If a negative thought comes into your mind, immediately say the words, “cancel, cancel, cancel!” This is only part of your old self creating that self-doubt.
  8. Whenever something good takes place in your life, give credit to your higher mind.
  9. Daily meditation brings on self-confidence, which is brought on by confidence in your higher mind, or God.
  10. Don’t ever feel limited or incapable of putting your ideas into reality.
  11. Remember that you are unique, every person has a special purpose. If this wasn’t so, you wouldn’t exist.
  12. In the laws of nature and the scheme of the Universe, you exist to succeed with your individual purpose!
  13. Your thoughts are inspired by the presence of your higher God-Being. That higher God-Being acts them out through your personal mind and body every day.

For this realization, give thanks…Let it be so…and so it is!


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