Bringing About a Positive Conscious Attitude

Your positive conscious attitude and the thoughts you think each day can give you the ability to have success and happiness as a reality in your life. The positive power that is within you can be reached in many ways, one of which is your conscious mental attitude.

Your positive thinking will have an opportunity to express through you. This is because the natural state of your inner self is positive, which brings on positive energies to improve your life. On the other hand, negative thoughts will form in the back of your subconscious, which can form a psychic wall or barrier against your true self.

Our higher self receives flashes of inspiration or direction on what to do in life, but at the same time, our ego will surface negative energy that can sometimes place fear into our mind. It’s important to meditate and clear our mind to be sure we’re receiving and listening to our positive higher self.

The quickest way to rid ourselves of negativity is to focus our minds on the truth, which is our self-truth. Believe that  you are one with the Universe. “Know the truth and the truth will set you free.” Through this belief, negativity vanishes. Believe in yourself.

Each day, meditate on the following affirmations, pick one or more and let it resonate with your heart, and then believe it is so…

  • My conscious mind is ruled by the mystical power of my Universal Mind,
  • I am positive in my conscious mind, because my God’s Mind within me is positive about everything in my life,
  • I expect good things in my life, because my mind is attuned to my my infinite source of supply,
  • The love of the Universe for me vibrates the magnetic power of love through me,
  • If during the day I do not feel well, I am positive the power of healing will quickly restore me,
  • My conscious mind is at peace as I go through this day, because I am sensitive to the eternal peace of the Universe’s presence within me.

Believe in the power of positive thoughts…and so it is!


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