Leap of Faith…

So I finally did it! I took the leap of faith. I wracked my brain for five years on how to do it, but as of May 6, 2016, I quit my job of ten and a half years and decided to work from home. It wasn’t an easy decision. I let fear creep in, which wasn’t what I was trying to learn through my metaphysics course. I worked diligently on cutting back on expenses and clearing debt so that we could live simplistically.

I used to read these amazing stories of doing what I just did. They would go on and on about how amazing they felt and how their world opened up to live their dreams. But they never really went into detail of the “journey” of making that decision. It was HARD…at least it was for me.

I knew in my heart of hearts that I wanted and could work from home. I had the ability to do virtual admin work, but every time I applied to another job listing, I received no response. I continued my meditating, my yoga, my metaphysics course, learning how to retrain my brain and thoughts on manifesting the positive.

As I said, It wasn’t easy…but it was so worth it. I had the full support of my husband, which was the greatest gift I could have received. After we sold our house in 2014, I began to make extra payments on our vehicles. Paid off or credit card debt. But for the first time in a long time we had extra money to “do” things. To not think about what something cost, or pay for a hotel room for an extra long weekend getaway. It was nice, it was relaxed…but I wasn’t happy. I drudged into work every day with the longing of that “some day I’ll be able to work from home.” I prayed on it, meditated on it, manifested it in my minds eye. I was looking for the Universe to help me make that “easy” transition into another position.

Then it hit me…like a ton of bricks. I was the one who had to take the first step. I was the one who had to take that leap of faith, the one where I prayed on every day. Let me tell you, that’s the scariest decision to make knowing that the job you are leaving had health benefits, a decent pay, 401k contributions, great vacation and holiday leave, a week off during Christmas. What was I thinking? I must be nuts!

My husband suggested that I draw up a letter of resignation and not put any dates on it, and keep it on file. Well I did, and I looked at that every Friday, telling myself I’ll submit it on Monday.  That day came. It was on a Wednesday afternoon. I told my husband I’m doing it. My throat got tight and I started to feel a migraine coming on, but within three hours after I made the final decision, I received an email from one of the virtual jobs I applied to.

It really does work…it really does happen…after five LONG years of dreaming and planning and organizing and crying and fearing and then letting go…I quit, and I never looked back.

The life lesson is the journey. I can’t say I was the most positive person while going through the journey, but I stuck it out. I NEVER gave up on my dreams. I’m still not quite sure what my “life’s purpose” is, but I’m loving life figuring it out.

If you’re stuck, don’t EVER give up on your dreams. Don’t let fear or the ego talk you out of it. When the time is right, you will know it…or at least have an inkling. Keep the faith, work hard at your goals, never give up, and you will see the rewards.


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