Drink Your Solids…Chew Your Liquids

I was told this and I had to think hard at first, what a strange statement. But it’s true. The first part of digestion begins in your mouth. So chewing your solids down to a liquid before swallowing is VERY important. As well as, chewing your liquids, even if it’s just one or two chomps. It’ll make things work better all the way down.

I’m on week three of my Anti-Fungi Phase I diet, and I believe things are slowly helping my digestion. The amount of supplements I need to take is quite crazy and overwhelming right now, but I’ve got a process and I’ve been faithful to what I’m allowed to eat…so here’s to a healthy healing and balance.

What has taken place with me are many things, but what caused me to go back to my wellness doctor was my silent reflux…and constipation. I knew my digestion needed help. I was blaming it all on my hormonal changes, which play a part, but not the whole story.

The anti-fungi diet is similar to the Paleo diet. It consists of NO grains. NO yeasts allowed.Which, wasn’t super hard for me to eliminate because I stopped eating wheat years ago (it raised my sugar levels and my eczema came back). I’m allowed almond flour, coconut flour, chickpea flour, buckwheat flour. All raw and organic veggies are great, but no peas and corn. They produce mold, which feeds the fungi.

No milk, but I can have organic yogurt and REAL butter or Ghee butter, which is what I was already doing. No margarine, etc. NO coffee or tea, caffeine or decaffeinated. Drink a lot of filtered water. Only herbal teas, but not fruity. All meats, but not breaded meats or cold cuts. Granny Smith apples, berries (all types), avocadoes, grapefruit, lemons, fresh coconut. Eggs all types. Almonds and walnuts need to be raw and then soaked over night.

It’s a bit overwhelming at first, but I do see results and if this brings me closer to better health all the way around, it’s worth it. There’s no doubt in my mind…we are what we eat.


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